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Why We Started
‘The use of headphones has become the number 1 cause of accidents in micro-mobility in the EU, US & UK. With the Neckphones, people are able to wear them on the neck with the open ear audio technology. 
Once you reach your destination you can instantly switch to regular headphones with surprisingly high-quality sound and premium noise-cancelling.
Feel immersive sound and hear the surroundings with non-invasive sound tech.’
The start-up was founded by a group of award-winning serial entrepreneurs from various fields such as product design and sound engineering. The revolutionary concept behind the ' hybrid neckphones' and its proprietary technology is the ability to transform from headphones into wearable loudspeakers with a uniquely immersive and powerful sound of surprising quality. It also helps to reduce electronic waste by its combination of headphones and speakers into one device.
Getting Started

Sound for mobility

Circulr Sound is creating the next category of personal AI audio devices called "Neckphones" with open-sound proprietary tech that allows micro-mobility users to safely and legally enjoy music, calls, podcasts and audiobooks with non-invasive sound to their surroundings.
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